Are Rising Electricity bills hurting your business?

Electricty bills and labor costs form the major chunk of your business' costs!What's the culprit?The Air conditioning system. It is responsbile for 50% of your rising electricity bills!

Air conditioning costs a lot to run and makes your visitors feel too cold!

They cost a lot and cause customers to leave early!Just imagine, customers staying longer at your store or restaurant will lead to more purchases.

What if there was a Way to reduce this cost?

You must be wondering "How do I decrease costs of running my air conditioning?"Just imagine, what if the electrcity costs of running your air-conditioning could be reduced by 25-40% ?You can reinvest these savings or take it out as extra profit!

Presenting: Renergy CEEMI Solution for Air conditioning

Renergy CEEMI solution reduces costs and usage of your air conditioning intelligently.Customers feel more comfort, they stay longer, purchase more and your business saves on energy costs. Win-Win!

Wondering how our invention can help save your costs for energy?

We're looking forward to help you save on energy costs for your air conditioning system. From the cost savings, our system pays back for itself !The system balances the temperature and run time of your AC to decrease costs, increate profits, increase customer comfort and most importantly, it doesn't void the warranty!

About Renergy

We're based out of Toronto, Canada and backed by top tier investors.We're a team of climate and energy warriors on sole mission to help businesses save on energy costs and hence save the planet!